Acceptance is recognizing the facts that are true. 

RADICAL ACCEPTANCE is recognizing the facts that are true,

with your whole body, mind, soul and heart.  










Radical Acceptance

is not something

you do,

it's who

you are.

Because, yeah, the truth hurts.  Facts can be painful.  And what do we do when we are hurting or in pain?  We have a reflex.  We try to avoid it.  We fight it, resist it, whatever it takes not to have to feel it.  We unintentionally get ourselves into a victim mode.  A victim of circumstances, of other people, of our environment, of our body, of ourselves, of our systems.  We make demands on ourselves, other people, things or events that hurt us to make it right!  And if it all fails, we suffer.   


Pain + Nonacceptance = Suffering.  Acceptance transforms unbeatable suffering into more treatable pain. 

And what if you are willing to consider this; pain is a natural signal and a gift.  It's a beautiful life force that tells you something is wrong.  It is an experience.  An experience we have inside.  So think of it this way...

RADICAL ACCEPTANCE is the full acceptance of what is happening INSIDE you. 

It let's us feel and release our pain, live in our power and experience our fullest life!

  Allow.  Embrace.  Accept.

Radical Acceptance is the full embrace that you cannot control anyone or anything outside of yourself.  Therefor, Radical Acceptance does NOT mean resignation, or giving up, or giving in to things outside of you.  It is not being a doormat for anyone, or forcing you to forgive, or trapping you into codependency.  Why?  Because it is about what is happening INSIDE you.         

  • It is empowerment. 

  • It is the dissolving of resistance. 

  • It is the process of releasing that false sense of control.  

  • It is fully accepting the privilege and responsibility of looking inside yourself. 

Because then you can focus your energy on what you can control.  And really, what does that even mean?  What can we truly control?  We can control our intentions.  And with your energy focused on living in your intentions, you are now the leader of our own life and taking full responsibility for yourself.  The true meaning of self care.  No more blaming.  No more autopilot.  Total empowerment.  Total freedom. 

Let's look a little deeper.  I used to think acceptance was the delicate dance between holding on and letting go.  And yes, I admit, that was how it was for so much of my journey, and that might be the same for you.  But here is the truth;

Recall back to where we started, Radical Acceptance is recognizing the facts that are true, with your whole body, mind, soul and heart.  And many (or, even most?) of us are living life right now with a body, mind, soul and heart that could use some clearing up, some clarity.  There is no new mindset, affirmation or anything else outside of yourself that can give your body, mind, soul and heart the clarity needed to gain Radical Acceptance, or as said, to be what you are.  

Now consider that scientists say that our conscious mind is only about 10% of our thinking mind, where our cognitive activity takes place.  That means that the other 90% of our brain is fully responsible for our thoughts, emotions, actions, behavior, decisions but in a NON-conscious manner.  Our subconscious mind does not have the ability to dispute information, it believes what it's told and imprints that information.  That information becomes our beliefs.  So when you have an experience coupled with emotion, your imprint on your subconscious becomes your belief, or a perceived fact really.  And your subconscious mind is there to protect you and help you survive based on the imprints you gave it.  So when you try to form new habits or try to heal, your subconscious works hard to redirect you to those imprints/beliefs.  

But our subconscious doesn't work that way, so when you keep teaching yourself a new mindset or a new way of doing something to trick your brain and change a habit, that may or may not work for you because of your lifetime of subconscious imprinting.  So if you find what you have tried doesn't work for you in a sustainable way, you may want to consider taking time for deeper self care by gaining clarity; clearing old thoughts, patterns and habits deeply imprinted in your subconscious.  Then you can re-imprint your subconscious.     




The more you accept, the more space you create.  Yes!  True!  And now read it again. 

The more you are, the more space you create.  Did you feel the difference? 

It is more in the experience, less in the doing.  More in the embracing, less in the overcoming.

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This information is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. All material is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise, or other health program.

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