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10,000+ hours of research and study in somatic healing, energy, epigenetics, attachment & authenticity. 

Hello and WELCOME!  I'm so happy you're here!

I created this space to help people learn how to reconnect to their true self and integrate their practice into their daily lives.  My vision is to co-create a community to support us in our efforts towards changing the trajectory of our lives.   


I was born on Eastern Long Island to NY raised parents, then relocated to the Boston area at the age of 2, landing first in Roslindale, MA, where we welcomed my younger sister.  After being evicted from Roslindale for my parents' behavior, we moved to Everett, MA where I stayed until I left for college.  We grew up poor in an environment that was unpredictable and filthy, where our physical and emotional needs were unmet.  We lived with alcoholism and poor mental health.  There was neglect, emotional tsunamis and blurred boundaries all over the place.  But also, we did some volunteering with my mother through our church when we were young.  It was a confusing contradiction to me growing up, but later in life I see how things like that and relationships with my friends' families probably saved me.  (Heartfelt THANK YOU to those people if you are reading this!)  

After my parents divorced, my mother slowly but surely made her appearance at home more and more sporadic.  Soon volunteering together came to a halt.  By the time I was 16, I had 4 years experience holding down multiple part time jobs at a time and felt that if I hadn't stepped in to take care of myself and my younger sister, no one would.  Clearly the cards were stacked against me as the adults in my life were dealing with their own vulnerabilities.

I have an ACE score of 8.  But it's not the events that determined my score, or the decades of events and self created circumstances that followed as a result, that matter to me anymore.  It's how I have learned to build my resilience.  I truly believe the events in your life don't shape you, it's how you handle them.  And I have not always done a great job because I had no idea what I was working against at the time.  Now, I understand.   

I have been married and divorced, have had successes and whiplashing failures, am estranged from most of my family and have felt misunderstood and unseen most of my life.  I've lived on the East Coast, the Southwest Border and briefly in Bogota, Colombia..there's been lots of different license plates in my story.  I have worked professionally in the legal field, teaching, victim advocacy, animal welfare and in my own creative businesses.  

More recently, I was diagnosed with a bone tumor on my spine that completely destroyed my L5 vertebrae.  After about a year of treatment, my L5 was completely removed and replaced with a donor's bone and some metal work.  I experienced complications after that and spent another year in treatment for pulmonary embolism and a serious post-op infection.  The entire diagnosis and experience could have been much worse.  However, I still deal with all of it; muscle and bone pain, nerve pain, doctor visits, new autoimmune issues, and am still adjusting to the "new me". 

I am a solo mom to two truly amazing young people and a 12 year old rescued Yorki-Poo.  I spend time working with special needs young adults, share decades of friendship with some of the most loving people on the planet and am enjoying building new friendships with inspiring people who share this journey with me. 


I have done so much personal growth work and will forever be learning more about myself and integrating what I learn.  All these roads have led me to where I am today, dedicating my life's purpose to use my life's experiences, education and my time spent on the hot mess express to help others reconnect to their authentic selves.  

We are all worthy of love!  But to live a life of intention, you have to take action.  

Much Love,





New Hampshire Seacoast


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