Erin Coyne

NLP Master Practitioner

Mindfulness Master Practitioner

Reiki Master

10,000+ hours of research and study in somatic healing, energy, epigenetics, attachment & authenticity. 

Hello and WELCOME!  I'm so happy you're here!

I created this space to help people learn how to reconnect to their true self and integrate their practice into their daily lives.  My vision is to co-create a community to support us in our efforts towards changing the trajectory of our lives.   

I have an ACE score of 8.  But it's not the events that determined my score or the decades of events and self created circumstances that followed as a result that matter to me anymore.  It's how I have learned to build my resilience.  I truly believe the events in your life don't shape you, it's how you handle them.  And I have not always done a great job because I had no idea what I was working against at the time and how resistant I was.  Now, I understand.   


After a life changing medical situation came along a few years ago and threatened my life, I was really faced with the duty of deep healing wounds physically, and emotionally.  And it broke me open.  I have been learning that I had always thought life involved some sort of destination, but it's actually a beautiful lifelong commitment and an amazing privilege to allow your own authenticity to direct you through your life's experience.  Now I have dedicated my life's purpose to use my life's experiences and education to help others reconnect to their authentic selves.    

We are all worthy of love!  But to live a life of intention, you have to take inspired action.  Let's do this!  

Much Love,





New Hampshire Seacoast


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